Board of Directors

Kamran Khan, P.Eng, PMP 
The President is the primary contact with PMI Global, represents the chapter at the Regional and Global levels and is responsible for directing the development and implementation of the overall Chapter Strategy. The President will ensure that the proper policies, procedures and people are in place so that the chapter appropriately discharges its responsibility to legal and statutory governing bodies. 

Phone: 226-377-0012 


President - Bruce Branch
Birgit Djukanovic, PMP, RMP

The Branch President (Bruce) is responsible for executing the Chapter strategy in the Bruce area and maintaining the viability of the Branch by acting as a direct connection between the branch and the London Chapter, maintaining visibility for the Chapter in to Branch operations, and facilitating communications around branch activities to ensure alignment with the Chapter’s strategic and operational focus. 



President Elect

The President-Elect shall be a Director of the Corporation and shall perform such duties and exercise such powers as the President or the Board may from time to time delegate or prescribe to him or her. In addition, during the absence or inability of the President to perform his or her duties and responsibilities, the PresidentElect shall perform such duties and responsibilities.

E-mail: TBD

Muhammad Ishtiaq

The Secretary is responsible for maintaining and safeguarding books, papers, records, documents and other instruments belonging to the PMI-SWOC. 


VP, Finance 

The Vice President Finance is responsible maintaining an annual budget and full and accurate books of account of the financial affairs of PMI SWOC. 


VP, Professional Development
Cindy Avrith, PMP

The VP Professional Development is responsible for promoting project management professionalism through the development and delivery of workshops and other activities designed to help members achieve PMP certification and maintain certification as Project Management Professionals. 




VP, Technology

The Vice President Technology is responsible for directing and maintaining the chapter's use of technology, including but not limited to websites, social media, computers, teleconferencing, and presentation equipment. The VP Technology shall also ensure appropriate security provisions exist. 


VP, Marketing & Communications

The Vice President Marketing & Communications is responsible for directing all Chapter activities relating to publicizing the purposes and objectives of the Chapter (and of PMI) to the general public.  In addition to all internal and external communications of the chapter, the VP Marketing and Communications coordinates the various communication areas, supervise preparation of publications and communications for Chapter events and Programs, and acts as the liaison between any Communications Portfolio and the PMI – SWOC Board.


VP, Volunteers 
David Sumpton, P.Eng, PMP 
The VP Volunteers manages the Volunteer portfolio. This portfolio matches volunteers who have indicated an interest in supporting PMI or PMI – SWOC through an investment of time. Volunteers do not necessarily have to be members of PMI or PMI – SWOC


VP, Programs
Kristin Greenham, PMP

The VP Programs develops, schedules and coordinates special programs for the chapter including the Annual Symposium, National Project Management Day and Project of the year as examples. This includes developing the chapter special programs, coordinating program schedules, and associated events



VP, Membership
Emily Chan, PMP

The Vice President Membership is responsible for promoting new membership enrolment and maintain the existing membership (including email and phone requests for information), establishing and maintaining plans for developing membership, conducting membership and publishing membership statistics on the South Western Chapter website.