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Brewery Tour and Networking - Tuesday, March 27th

The London Brewing Co-operative (LBC) is a micro-brewery located in London’s Old East Village. The brewery is organized as a worker’s co-operative and, as a co-operative, are all about the community and community partners.

Owned by those who work there and decisions are made by employees in a democratic fashion. LBC is a community-focused business that cares about their neighbours and the planet. They are the first worker’s co-operative brewery outside of Quebec.

The London Brewing Co-operative emphasizes the importance of building ties across the industry and related industries within the city and amongst surrounding communities. Their aim is to position themselves as a destination for residents of London and for visitors in experiencing the richness of South Western Ontario and its brewing community.

During the tour, we will gain insights into the project of setting up the brewery, and learn more about how it was established and how it operates as a co-operative.

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March Monthly Event (Free!) - Demystifying Risk (with ASQ Partners)

Demystifying Risk

Risk is not new. Dealing with uncertainty and its effects is something we all do every day from the moment we wake up until the day ends. However, we all approach risk differently and this applies not only to individuals but also to businesses.  How we think about risk will affect how well we achieve both our personal and business goals. 

In this presentation, we will unpack what is meant by risk, how it has changed, and approaches you can take to adopt risk-based thinking to better achieve objectives.  Topics will cover:

Human Perspective:  how we perceive risk

Standards Perspective:  how risk is defined

Process Perspective:  how to apply risk-based thinking

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