PMI SWOC - Web Site Advertising Policy


PMI SWOC provides web-site advertising as a service to our members and to offset the cost of chapter activities


  • Advertisements will consist of a single graphic
  • Graphics would be a corporate logo or alternate approved corporate marking
  • Graphics will be provided in gif or jpg format and will not exceed 5Kbytes in size
  • The width or supplied graphic will be set to 140px 
  • The height will be proportionate to the width but will not exceed 100px 
  • The graphic's hyperlink will open in a separate window to the provided URL
  • The associated hyperlink will not directly activate any other browser activity (such as pop-up or animation)
  • Notice of one training or professional development event in the 'Paid Sponsor' event section of our web site's home page 


Vendors will be PMI sanctioned. PMI-SWOC reserves the right to refuse an advertising request for any reason 


$300 per 6 months/$500 per year: Allows the advertiser logo to be placed on the PMI SWOC web page with a hyperlink to the advertiser's web page 


The PMI SWOC chapter publishes these advertisements as a service to our members. This is not an endorsement of the services or products of these vendors by the chapter. 


Please contact the VP Sponsorship - [email protected]

Advertising Policy