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Here are the details regarding the 2019 election process for PMI-SWOC Board of Directors.

Board Positions Open for Election

There are total of 3 Board of Director positions open for election.

  • VP Volunteer – 2 years term commitment (2019, 2020)
  • VP Marketing and Communications -  2 years term commitment (2019, 2020)
  • VP Professional Development – 2 years term commitment (2019, 2020.

Position descriptions and Nomination forms are attached


  • Learn and improve leadership skills
  • Contribute to your community and the project management profession
  • Earn PDUs
  • Network


Any member of PMI South Western Ontario Chapter in good standing is eligible to be a candidate for election and become a Director of the Chapter.  Nominations require a Proposer and a Seconder, who must also be Chapter members in good standing.

Should you wish to be nominated for a Board role:

  1. Arrange for an email to be sent to the Nominating Committee as follows:
  • Proposer to send email to the Committee, proposing your nomination;

  • Seconder who agrees with the proposal, to be copied on the email;

  • Candidate who agrees with the nomination, also to be copied.

  • Email to include PMI Member Numbers for Proposer, Seconder, Candidate.

  1. As the Candidate, send a separate email with the completed Nomination Form to the Committee (elections@pmiswoc.orgby Sunday, Nov 18, 2018 midnight, copied to the Proposer and Seconder, including your consent to seek election, meet with the Committee to discuss interests, and to serve if so elected

  2. Schedule (subject to candidate interviews and any required PMI services)

Nov 5  - Nominations open

Nov 18 midnight - Final deadline to submit the nomination

Nov 28  - Open electronic voting, to be led by PMI

Dec 9  -  Finalize electronic voting by Members

Dec 10 - Announcement of any elected Board members 

Nominating Committee

  • Iffat Jabeen,  Jacqui Ostrom and Ajit Unnithan 

Thank you for your consideration.