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Return to Normalcy – One step at a time!

Sep. 10, 2020

Dear PMI SWOC Members, Volunteers and Partners,

I hope this message finds you in good health and spirits. These are extraordinary times, as we are all experiencing changes very rapidly. As we continue to adjust to what has become our new normal, it is important to recognize how much has been done to adapt, to pivot and to overcome. Every day, I am inspired by the good I see personally. Despite multiple challenges, we as Canadians have done what we do best. We have come together as a united country and have shown our resiliency. I thank all our front-line workers and their families for their sacrifice. And now is the time for returning to normalcy, one step at a time. I’m sure we all eagerly await recovery and to begin the rebuilding of our community. But we must make only thoughtful, incremental steps in order to move forward safely and sustainably. Since the establishment of our chapter, we have been coming together across various cultures to make this an all-inclusive community. Rest assured; we will continue to honor the individual differences that enrich our chapter. I am proud as the president of this chapter to lead a truly diverse Board of Directors, as well as Ontario’s South Western project management community.

We continue to march forward with our 2020 goals. This includes adapting to the trends in the industry, business agility and market disruptions. Our team has been diligently working on various programs such as, offering virtual events, online courses and maintain our chapter’s digital presence. We have also rebranded the PMISWOC website and were able to create more vibrancy, youthfulness and a better member engagement experience. Over the past few months, we have offered several events covering a plethora of topics including mental health, disciplined agile and business analysis. We are also providing an additional virtual online PMP courses as part of a joint Ontario chapters initiative. There are several other exciting events and opportunities planned for the rest of the year, including the much-anticipated Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September! The year will then be wrapped up by offering a joint Ontario chapters professional development in November. So, stay tuned!

This chapter will continue to strive to bring the best offerings to our members in close collaboration with our academic, non-profit, corporate partners and sponsors. We hope to educate members on the global and local value of what a PMI membership provides. One of the greatest strengths of our chapter as an organization, is our network of volunteers. Many kudos go out to our volunteers! They continue to make a significant impact with their passion, dedication, commitment and heart in order to pay it forward to their community. Well done!

On behalf of PMI SWOC, I want to take this opportunity to thank you—the members, for your perseverance and your support of one another, as well as the many contributions you continue to make to the entire PM community. These are indeed challenging and uncertain times, but I feel confident that together we will get through this difficult period and come out even stronger, healthier and safer. Be amazing!

Stay Blessed!

Ajit Unnithan

President, PMISWOC