Business,Technology and the Humanities with Kevin McGuire

Our March PMI SWOC event was a session titled Business, Technology and the Humanities on March 31st 2016. Our guest speaker, Kevin McGuire discussed skills at the intersection of business, technology, and the humanities.

The venue for our March event was the Windemere Manor - a wonderful fit for a wonderful event and members could not have been any more pleased with the outcome of this amazing evening.

Mr. McGuire is a professional engineer and PMP with 12 years of experience managing multinational projects with automotive, construction, and public sectors. He is currently developing Project Management curriculum for the CPSX Centre for Planetary Sciences and Exploration in addition to developing UWO's first online Faculty of Engineering course, Engineering Planning & Project Management.

The evening’s topics included:

  • Studying project management at the University level

  • Why project management education is necessary to business owners

  • Recent innovations in project management education

  • Gamification in curriculum design

  • The necessary elements that all Project Managers must have

Mr.  McGuire is a very effective speaker and educator. Members thoroughly enjoyed his engaging presentation. The topics were as varied but he presented the material in a way that everyone could follow, enjoy, and understand

He clearly illustrated that if technology is used as a teaching and learning tool, tied to curricular goals and assessment and embedded within strong instructional techniques, it can promote better instruction, greater student collaboration, enhancing student learning.

His presentation of Gamification in design of curriculum resonated with members as a means to enhance the compendium of teaching resources in project management, to help educators integrate technology into instruction and assessment.

Before members settled into the offerings of the evening, they had a short stimulating presentation by Sarah Schutte, Solicitor-Advocate and managing Director of Schutte Consulting Limited, UK. Sarah is working closely with other PMI Chapters on new frontiers to address in member events. Sarah was on a brief visit to London Ontario from London UK and accepted our President’s invite to speak on this evening. She promised to come back as our guest speaker in the near future. Look out for more information on her follow up presentations.

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Skype: Sarah Schutte Sharp

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