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Sherry Brandon- Business Behaviourist, a body language expert, former certified fraud examiner and private investigator.
Master communicator, a body language expert, proficient in the corporate world, is a former certified fraud examiner and private investigator as well as a recognized international keynote speaker. , @mssherrybrandon

Topic: Advanced Communication Skills

Sherry will help develop your social and communication skills you use in everyday life. Learn how your posture, facial expressions, emotional state, personality and intentions (self-talk) create a barrier or channel for your message. If you have ever felt misunderstood, have had lack of confidence in your ability to communicate or you want to become a dynamic and influential communicator - this session is for you. All of us have been developing our interpersonal skills since infancy – usually subconsciously, your interpersonal communication workshop will give you the tools you need to improve your professional and social relationships.


Persona Breakout Sessions


Katie Baker, Integral Certified Coach

Topic: Break out of Boring! Engage your People by Understanding Preference.
Dynamic, lively and humorous, Katie challenges people to examine themselves through a new lenses often with revealing outcomes.

Do you feel stuck? Are your people disengaged? Not got the culture you crave? The modern workplace is changing faster than any of us can keep up with. For the first time in history, we have four distinct generations struggling to work together.

Learn how you want to be treated…managed…communicated to and by understanding these things in others can be revolutionary in your workplace. Leading you to newly engaged folks, more successful projects, higher levels of accountability and a rejuvenated culture.

Charles Dimov, Vice President, Toronto Product Marketing Association.
Expert product and brand marketer, consumate strategist, digital marketing enthusiast, and marketing blogger. Follow marketing insights and thought provoking commentary on and @CDimov.

Topic: Using Marketing Personas for your next Project Communications Plans

Persona creation is a critical part of understanding your communication's target audience.  It helps a team maintain a consistent brand voice throughout a project, change plan, or campaign.  Best of all personas serve as quick reminders about the audience to whom you are communicating.  It reminds the team about the communication style, language and tone to use when addressing different customer groups - be they internal or external.

Learn the key elements of building personas for your next corporate project.  This interactive discussion will review how project managers can user personas to craft targeted, impactful communicatoins to your audiences.



Sherry Brandon- Business Behaviourist @mssherrybrandon

Topic: Personal Impact

This session focuses on these two areas while providing real life tools to improve casual conversations, make and deliver engaging stories, enhance your professional presence and social interaction. After just one day you will walk away with all the tools you need to build self-confidence, feel good about the way you sound and gain the professional and personal visual image you desire.


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