Our Volunteers

Dear PMI SWOC Volunteers,

On behalf of the entire PMI SWOC Board of Directors, I would like to extend a personal and a heart-felt thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers who selflessly devote their personal time to the worthy causes of the chapter. We are able to work towards our mission, carry out our vision, and attain our objectives only because of the significant contribution of our dedicated volunteers like you. We recognize that you have given hundreds of hours of your valuable time, not only to provide services to over 700 members of PMI SWOC, but also to strengthening our communities across the region. So, during this National Volunteer Week, we want to say, “BIG THANKS” to you all by sending positivity your way.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is required, and hence, we cannot meet in-person. We also realize that being disconnected from social interactions can be challenging and may make people feel alone. Hence, we want to reach out to you and stay connected via phone, text, email, video calls, etc. These technologies can bring comfort during the pandemic, so please remember to check in with your family, friends, and your volunteer team members.

The good news is that the restrictions during these times have not stopped many volunteers from sharing their time and support. Many are actively working on planning new initiatives, events, and strategies. PMI SWOC’s new website is a great example. Hope you got a chance to surf through it. It confirms that many times the results of your efforts are often far-reaching and cross-generational even if it is not evident to you personally.

Each of you bring special talents and abilities that you exploit to make our community a better place to grow personally as well as professionally. There are not enough words to describe how amazed and grateful I am for the dedication, compassion and generosity of you all. Without your support, we would not have had the opportunity to make a difference in the profession we serve.

Again, on the behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I express my sincere gratitude for your unwavering support and big-heartedness. Personally, I thank you for accompanying me on this journey. We want you to know that we have missed seeing you and we look forward to seeing all soon in the near future!

Thank you again for volunteering!

Rupinder Mann, P.Eng., PMP
VP, Volunteer Services
PMI South Western Ontario Chapter


Fabio and I feel volunteering at PMI SWOC have been a great opportunity to meet new people, and as newcomers we feel part of the community. We are happy to give back and help new members and newcomers to feel welcome in the Chapter.
Thank you for your support during this unprecedented time.
Ana and Fabio